Through Struggle comes Growth.

Posted by Andrew Haack on

Good afternoon everyone! 
Your favorite blogger is here to tell a lesson I have learned over the past few days of running the store. We will title this chapter as "struggle" for the past few days during travel and running the store from road I ran into many technical difficulties, not being able to navigate the site from mobile and our pricing automatically updating itself to 5x the price! As you can imagine this is no good for you the customer or us! Andy's Modern Market is set around the ideal of never over paying for an item, if we would not pay a price for an item we will NOT charge our customers that. So I have spent the past few days working out these bugs after four times of thinking it was "fixed" I was proven wrong and after a bottle of headache medicine and more then a few near mental break downs we have fixed the problem! Just in time I never thought something so seemingly simple could be so aggravating, but I learned a lesson from this experience. That lesson Is sometimes things wont go your way and you will fail at something, but through determination you can overcome any object seemingly to difficult to defeat. Fall down four times and get back up FIVE.  But I have exciting news we are about to launch a new collection to the site, I cant disclose the details yet it is a work in progress but I feel by the end of the week this new collection will drop keep and eye out. We will send an update soon!


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