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Good Morning,

Here at Andy's Modern Market we are big on our morning rituals, like just being able to get out of the bed some morning's (I mean seriously have you ever, just noticed some mornings you jump out of bed like NASA is launching their rocket into space and others you get out of bed like you are attending your own funeral?) I do NOT get out of bed for any other reason then my morning cup of coffee. Other then the screaming 8 month old in the other room. But Hey I say he doesn't run the house so I get up for my coffee (but he defiantly commands my life and any action I do, I am not an enthusiast of being up before the sun, but he is so I NEED the coffee.) Lately the first thing on my mind in the morning beside where the He#$ did the bottle go? Is how do I get the word out that we are open for business and how do I tell my customers or rather then my potential customers  we are the store you want to do business with? And I am here to say I have come up with the ultimate honey to do list of why we are the store you will buy from. But HOW do I tell people??? I think the answer is rather then spend my hard earned money on ads and google then give my cash to people who can buy whole countries as it is, I am going to to buy you. What does that mean Andrew???? It means I am going to do a whole lot of FREE products! This way I get my product in your hands and you get to experience it and pass the word on that Andy's Modern Market is open for business and you get the opportunity to try my products. Now I cant afford to do it all so I am giving my product to you Free but you have to pay for the Shipping and I am sorry but I am not made of CASH and a guy has to  buy formula. So everyday I am going to list a item for free and it is your opportunity to grab some cool stuff! All I ask is tell your FRIENDS! This is how I have chosen to do business and I am relying on you to spread the word and if this is effective way of spreading the word. Hey do not fix what is not broken! We will keep doing it. So this is already long winded so, Check back in in tomorrow and I am starting the first FREE product. Do NOT forget Tag your friends and tell your family. Share and like everytihgn and I will hook you up. Like what we are doing? Tell us on Facebook, Instagram, tweet us, Pin us, Instant message us, write us, I for one would not mind a hand written letter (heck write me a letter and include your email and I will send you something to remember).  You can reach us anywhere.      


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