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Good Morning Everyone! 

At Andy's Modern Market we are dedicated to bring you items you did not know you needed. For instance while doing some research on selfies and how to do them correctly, we found something interesting. Did you know that there are additional external LED Flashes out there designed for  professional selfie artists to use that capture better quality selfies? No? Neither did we! So we searched the market and we now offer a LED Light that clips right to your phone for the perfect selfie, just like the pros use! But on a different page we are a serious business, serious about protection, and style of our phones so you will see we have added a couple new phone cases to our collection. You cannot be to careful (and we may have a problem when it comes to phone cases, I wonder if there is a cure or that i will webMD it later.) While you are scrolling though today you will also notice NEW watches! Men and women you will have a couple new watches to select from including a new brand to us SKONE there are good quality brand and trendy styles we like them (I mean its no Rolex but they also wont cost you $5,000 either, and your co-worker in the office next to you probably wont even notice unless they are "that guy" in the office you know what we are talking about.)Look at us, we are dragging on we sound like the drunk uncle at the family Christmas who always finds someway to bring up "how he would have made it pro if it wasn't for his bum knee". Have a great day everyone and like always keep in touch message us on Facebook, for that matter follow us on Facebook, Tumblur, Instagram, we Pin it on Pintrest, and we tweet on the regular! We are where the cool kids are! (We really are professionals I promise, Just love what we do!) 


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