A New Look for a New Logo!

Posted by Andrew Haack on

Good Morning ALL, 

It's your Favorite Blogger Andrew Haack, with exciting news! After working closely with a very talented graphic designer for days. We have launched the new face of Andy's Modern Market and I have to say I cannot be happier! We will be featuring this Icon in various places in the future and it is an icon that will build trust and bring all our customers closer together. I believe it matches the Modern look in an iconic way, we were trying to achieve a simple, relatable, and trustworthy design during this venture, and boy this was not an easy task. After countless redesigns and color revisions we found it, Sarah did an amazing job especially with putting up with my constant change of mind during the design! We have also changed some of the color designs in the store to make to the experience easier on the eyes. All in all we LOVE our new Logo and appearance of the store, we hope you enjoy it too please leave your thoughts about our new addition's we are always open to the thoughts of others (Your thoughts grow us as a company and we take this very serious.) More exciting news we will be adding as promised a new collection to the Store this weekend, it will have the features of customer customization to products and we are super excited to launch it! Here at Andy's Modern Market we believe if you are staying in the same place you are moving backward, and we are sprinting to the future moving forward constantly! (We are kinda like the toddler in the house, you know they were told to sit still or not to play with that breakable decoration on then end of the coffee table, but they go ahead and sprint and yell around the house and we are defiantly going to play with that piece.) Thanks to ALL for YOUR support in our vision to bring Modern, relevant useful products to everyone. We are still building, We are moving forward, and our goal is to make Andy's Modern Market a household name (talk about a tough task!) Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Linked-IN, anywhere there is an audience we are there. Comment Below Tells us your thoughts and LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK.           


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